Puppy Problems

Noel's Puppy PowerAs I write Noel’s Puppy Power, the antics of my own 7-month-old puppy, Little Bear, continue to appear.

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When Little Bear was about three months old, he and I visited the Granddoll and Favorite (only) Daughter. He destroyed the carpet in the guest bedroom.

2016-07-01 21.21.44We needed to go to Florida when Little Bear was six months old  so I discussed his carsickness problem with the vet. He gave us magic pills.  Or, maybe it was the fact we took the motorhome. I don’t care, he didn’t get sick and rode like a champ.

I personally love the weather in East Tennessee. It’s been in the 90’s lately so Bear prefers to spend his days inside with me while I write, face over top the register enjoying the air conditioning. The other day I heard a clunk. Then a clink. Followed by Little Bear’s clanking dog tags…but the sound wasn’t quite right. I found him in the bathroom, pawing at the floor register which was stuck on his dog tags, hanging around his neck like a huge prize.

Now that I’ve shared some of my dog stories, please COMMENT below with your puppy stories. 

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21 Responses to Puppy Problems

  1. Lynda Marquardt says:

    When my kids were little they had an Easter basket made. In it was a chocolate bunny. Back then, there wasn’t digital cameras, so I took several pics of the kids posing with their baskets and…..our dog Sheba!. My eye in the camera snapping away.. I put the camera down and one of the chocolate bunnies was GONE! Now..I knew I put one each basket. .it was gone. We moved before I got a chance to develop the pictures. I had forgotten and years passed.. I found a few rolls of film, I had them devoloped. One was of easter years ago…with my children smiling to the camera with picture by picture. ..our dog Sheba’s nose in the basket, stealing the bunny and out in the yard enjoying her stolen ….I can’t stand it any longer. ..love her some chocolate! Mystery solved with quite a few chuckles. 🙂

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  2. Samantha Sutherland says:

    My Dexter, half Pomeranian half Chihuahua was my first baby. He was a perfect angel when I was home but as soon as I was out the door he would find Something to do..
    When he was a puppy he would chew on my hills and ONLY the hill! Till one day there were no more high hills to chew.. As he got older, he would bark the hole time I was gone, or try to dig his way out of the door… We had to replace 6 entryways with tile, after he dug up the carpets and padding…

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  3. I foster puppies and I fell in love with one who is a Boxer/pitbull mix and she is constantly chewing the house from the walls to the carpet it doesn’t matter what it is she has to chew it. We get her toys and she has them destroyed within minutes but what can you do? LOL gotta love em. I will continue to foster and I will also adopt more.
    Thanks for the chance

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  4. Caroline says:

    I know you shouldn’t give animals table food, but my Chihuahua Coco wanted a Dorito! How could I say no, I gave in. She got her first taste of Cool Ranch Dorito, you know the face a baby makes when you give them a lemon or pickle? That was the face I received, really wished I had my camera going. On the bright side, she hasn’t begged for more Doritos. .😀

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  5. Jo Anne V says:

    My daughter had all the Care Bear stuffed animals and Frodo, our puppy, decided Sunshine Bear was his. He would sneak in her room and come out with that bear. He would carried it everywhere with him. When my daughter saw him with it and take it back, he would wait till her back was turn and then go get it again. My daughter finally gave up and gave it to him. For some reason, he decided that bear was his and it was only that specific bear as she would keep them all together and he would only take that one.

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  6. Brenda Southard says:

    I haven’t had a dog in a while, but I use to have a little miniature dachshund who hated to be home alone. My grandmother lived with us at the time and he just loved her. One day we left him at home while running errands and when we returned we found him in the middle of the den with his entire body stuffed in the sleeve of my grandmothers pajamas. The pajamas had a ruffle around end ot the sleeve. He looked like a stuffed sausage with a little ruffle around his neck. I have often wished I’d thought to take a picture of him. He was so cute!!

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  7. Linda Faneuff says:

    That’s nothing, my dog, part boxer part bordercollie got a hold of my leather chair and tore it apart, literally, stuffing, leather etc. She suffers from separation anxiety.

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  8. snoopyvet says:

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  9. snoopyvet says:

    I remember when my Rottweiler Dexter was a puppy he ate one of my boots that I had since high school. I was so mad I chased him around the house till I was tired with the other boot. He never ate my shoes again but he would move them around the house on me. Till he passed away if I was missing a shoe I could ask him “Dexter, where is Momma’s shoe?” And he would take me to right where he put it. Still miss that dog


  10. Dawn Marie Burke says:

    Little Bear is gorgeous!! My doberman/shepherd mix Jake who is now 5 when he was a puppy he loved tearing the stuffing out of my comforters. You have to know me to know what a big deal that is how I drove to a mall 45 min away from my house just because of a pattern for the bed in the bag and I no sooner got it home and Jake ate it! To this day I don’t use a comforter on my bed only quilts thanks Jake lol. I can’t tell you how many comforters he ate but he sure enjoyed it! That’s how you know it’s love because he still sleeps on my bed every night.I can buy more comforters but there’s only one Jake!! I wouldn’t trade him or his brother and sister for the world!!Dogs are the BEST!!!

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  11. Donna Peterson says:

    Thank goodness our Max who is part Pit bull and part great dane has stopped being too bad about what he chews up. He has chewed up every toy we have bought him and still does that. He has chewed toys, shoes and slippers. His favorite think to still chew is socks!! I don’t care if they are clean or dirty he will chew them. He will steal pairs cleaned and rolled from the laundry basket!!

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  12. Barbi Davis says:

    Little Bear is very handsome. I have my 3 Siberian Huskies. And they have destroyed a lot !! But they are such lovers. And mine are staying in the house too. To hot for my babies..lol


  13. Dawn Morse says:

    No puppies here just felines. …my mischievous youngsters in the group open the door if not locked and get outside. ..it’s a free for all to catch them since they are inside only

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  14. Beverly Blank says:

    After our English Bulldog died I didn’t want anymore dogs. It’s so hard to lose them when it happens, they’re so much family. One day my two daughters came in the house with a furry little ball, put her in the floor & she waddled right to where I was sitting & laid her head on my foot!!! I so didn’t wanna look at her but picked her up & was lost in those dark eyes staring back at me. So, that began the life we had with Trixie, as I named her. She was a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) and was a joy to have. She’s since passed on after 14 1/2 years but I’ll never forget her coming across that floor making our home hers!!’

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  15. Tabatha Washington says:

    When my American bulldog Nanuq (his name means the great polar bear) was about 4 months old we rushed out of the house to go to a family function and did not put him in his kennel. We came back to a room where my nicknacks had been chewed on, a couple of my porcelain dolls no long had clothes, and my pillow was demolished with its stuffing everywhere. I was not happy it seemed like this dog only wanted to destroy my stuff and no one else’s! He just turned 5 yrs old 2 days ago and I wouldn’t trade him for the world he is my biggest protector!

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  16. Doenne Brown says:

    When my Australian Cattle Dog, Miss Pookie, (red heeler) came to live with us at 10 weeks of age, she was instantly the QUEEN. My 4 year old Australian Cattle Dog, Skeeter (blue heeler), and our 8 yr old Border Collie/Boxer, Diddles, were instantly put in their place. She ruled the roost. She would strut up and remove toys from their mouth. NO FEAR. About 3 days after she came to our house, she had figured out the Doggie Door. She went out, jumped into the basement window well, and picked up a rock, and brought it into the living room, laid down in front of me and proceeded to chew on said rock. When I attempted to take it from her, she clamped down on it and refused. So I bribed her. I snagged a couple of Reese’s Pieces candies from the bag on the end table. She sniffed, then dropped the rock, and took the candies. I snagged the rock. Upon finishing her candies, she looked at me, looked at the sack, and the rock that was on the table, then went right back out the doggie door, jumped down in the window well, grabbed another rock, and came right back in front of me. Dropped the rock at my feet, and looked at the candy bag. I picked up the rock, gave her two more candies. She then went right back out, got another rock, and brought it to me. This started her bartering. She has now gone on to picking up anything she deems as valuable, from fabric softener sheets that get dropped in the laundry room to scraps of dog toys that have been destroyed, and bringing them in exchange for a treat. She’s too smart for her own good.

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  17. Kelly Ownby says:

    One time my MIL , who lived next door, brought home several trash cans of elephant poop for her gardens. My little boy dog ran over to her driveway every chance he got to roll in it. Oh my stars he stunk to high heaven!

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  18. Susan Davis says:

    We had gotten a Doberman puppy and we went to visit with the neighbors for a few hours and when we came home, he had “eaten” the loveseat! I don’t know, to this day, what happened to the cushions but they were completely gone. We had to throw it out. I mean, there was no way we could save the sofa. I guess he got bored…

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  19. Gina Fann says:

    My boxer was the runt of the litter. But that baby grew. She always jumped like a rabbit. She was also solid white. She always thought that she was a lap dog. One day we were walking and some people had their little dogs in doggie back packs she stopped walking would look at the dogs on the people’s back and looked at me very funny as if to say moma why am I not in one of those on you’re back. Sadly she passed at the age of 14 last year

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  20. TerrieMeer says:

    One time I gave my Doxle (Beagle/Dachshund) a few pieces of rawhide. Somehow, she managed to pick them all up at one time. Here’s a few pics of her with them in her mouth. I always wondered how and why she did it. At the time she was our only pet.

    All the best, Terrie Meerschaert


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