Yep. It Was Research!

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Sitting at a bar beside the water, watching the moon set, drinking with Navy pilots, Naval Flight Officers and SEALs this past weekend was research. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

It’s been years since I’ve had the opportunity to sit around and talk with active duty military men and women, so it was fun to enjoy the company of members in that exclusive club once again. Thanks to my Navy expert, and a book signing in Norfolk, Virginia, I’d call my trip to that area…a true success.

For all those who were wondering, yes, they ARE that good looking. Or maybe that is just my opinion because I’ve always preferred that clean-cut, all American, great smile, and polite hold-the-door type man. And the women are gorgeous! Fit and trim, beautiful even without makeup. I would put any one of them, male or female, on a book cover and I can guarantee that no airbrushing would be required.

I met at least two dozen 25-35 year old military professionals who generously allowed me to ask rather personal questions. From a demographic standpoint, they ran the gambit. Some were married, some engaged, yet others were dedicated to the single life. The best part was, they were all the nicest people. That means my books close to reality.

As an author, I worry about getting dialog correct. After listening to these seasoned military men and women, (okay, I was eavesdropping a lot, too) I should probably add more “f-bombs” in my next book.

I met some real, kick-ass women, who have remained on active duty and married military men. The overall theme was, “We make it work!” When one is on the East Coast, and the other is stationed on the West Coast, or deployed overseas, they just work at it harder.   These women are dedicated to serving our country and at the same time, dedicated to their husbands. As a Marine wife of 37 years, it was refreshing to see that will to make the marriage a success when surrounded by so much temptation.

And speaking of kick-ass, active duty women, have you read Unrelenting Love?

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