A Little HELP Please!!

0519AV_1018GV_(4)HELP! Y’all know my family usually goes to Cancun to celebrate Christmas but this year we’re going to Disney.

Since we’re in the planning phase now, I could use all the advice I can get. I haven’t been to visit the mouse house in about twenty years so I’m sure it’s changed.

Keep in mind this is a multi-generational trip. Macho Marine’s parents, who are in their late 80’s, will be with us. Then three of us stepped across that big 60 line this year. The next generation are ages 26-32. And last, but the real reason we’re all going there, the granddoll is six years old (almost seven which is of utmost importance at that age- just ask her.)

We’ve already made some decisions. We plan to stay on property and get the meal plan. Beyond that, I need suggestions as to what to do and what NOT to do.

Please COMMENT below and you’ll be entered  to win a prize. That’s how desperate I am for suggestions.


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21 Responses to A Little HELP Please!!

  1. Teresa Jensen says:

    Absolutely stay on property and you can pick your Fast Passes online prior to your visit. You are allowed 3 per day. (I went in 2014 with my BFF). Meal plan is okay but realize that you are limited to what that plan allows. Also do your meal reservations prior to arrival online. I had to use a scooter which I rented before we arrived and it was awesome as every bus is equipped with a walkway that extends out. Our favorite place to eat is The Rose and Crown at Epcot (British food menu) and Raglan Road Irish Pub at Downtown Disney. Do NOT go to the Biergarten Restaurant (German food) the food was awful and it was $40 per person for basically cafeteria food.

    Also-since you are retired Military purchase your military discount tickets at your nearby base or online. The discounts are well worth it. I see someone advised to buy your drinks at Walmart outside the gate-that’s a definite YES. Or you could buy the length of stay mug where you get all drinks except alcohol. I think we paid about $20 per cup and for us, just two crazy ladies, it was worth it. I also brought my Camelbak water bottle and put it in my backpack filling it up at restaurants in the park when we ate. Most will give you crushed ice which will melt giving you a cool drink.

    Both times I have gone, we stayed at Wilderness Lodge (LOVED it) and Coronado Springs (it’s very spread out but the food in the marketplace restaurant is very good.

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  2. moosehog83 says:

    So talked to the kids trying to remember musts (been 3 times) these are their comments. Stay in Disney world. If you stay in there you can go in now early and stay later than anybody else he just comes in for the day . Do the meal package it saves you a ton of money . Leave your camera at home and just use the Disney cameras let the professionals take a picture at each place that you see them . If you’re staying in the park bring a case of water and a case of soda with you because you pay the same for a case at Walmart as you would for one drink there . ( leave the cases in your room just take some in a bag and a backpack whatever for each of you ) . Make sure to pay for hopper passes that way if the park you want to use is too busy or it’s rainy and crappy you can just go to a different park ! You are never too old to stand in line for a picture with a character (even if you have no little ones with you ). If you collect the pins and you see a worker has one you like ask them to trade. They have to trade even if it’s a really good one!

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  3. vvaught512 says:

    It’s always busy no matter when you go. Be prepared to wait even with fast pass. Since it’s for your grand-doll. Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom are a must!

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  4. Trista says:

    Do the fast passes in advance. Like 40 to 60 days out. Yeah u can do them that far out..:) if u don’t, there won’t be any left. Toy story mania at Hollywood studios is a must for a child that age, as well as the Buz Light Year ride in Tomorrowland. It’s another arcade type ride that even the oldest will enjoy.

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  5. sferguson105 says:

    Have a game plan! The first day I went I was ready to go home come evening, because of the crowds and just being done with it. So I sat down, and made a game plan. What rides we wanted to hit, and which ones we should hit first. The earlier you get there, the better. If you are staying at a Disney resort, make sure to take advantage of the extra hours disney has. I would skip the fireworks. If you do go to the fireworks, steer clear of the exits for a bit afterwards because it’s like a mad stroller dash afterward. Download the Disney app, and use the fast passes. And just enjoy your time there

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  6. I would love to give you advice but I have never been 😦

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  7. DC says:

    First It is packed at Christmas park sometimes closes when it reaches full capacity. Eat at Be Our Guest best meal of our trip! Have a great time.

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    • KaLynCooper says:

      Fortunately we are going early in December. We learned year ago never to travel over the holidays and spend Christmas snuggled at home with the fireplace roaring. 🙂

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      • sferguson105 says:

        Make sure to check and see when they are filming the Christmas Day parade (it is always pre recorded. When the girls were in it a few years ago it was the first weekend in December) if it’s during the time you will be there, you will want to avoid Magic Kingdom completely on the day they do most of the recording (one of the park employees at the gate should be able to tell you what days they are). Biggest. Headache. Ever. Lol

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  8. Tammy Arnold says:

    Make sure to stand as close to the front of the Monorail so she can go be a pilot. Look for the hidden Mickey’s all over the park – makes for a great adventure. Oh, go for brunch at the Grand Floridian and if you’re staying at Shades of Green (Military Hotel on property) then try Mangino’s for great Italian food.

    Get Fast Pass early for what you want to go see. Especially Animal Kingdom for the Safari. It’s well worth it!

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  9. Teresa Forduce says:

    Never been to Disney World, only Disneyland in CA – so I would see it all – take 2-3 days at least from what I have heard!

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  10. moosehog83 says:

    Disney’s my favorite place on earth so there’s nothing I would skip everything is worth doing at least once !

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  11. Heather Ates says:

    I grew up going to Disney. We kept Season Passes. I miss it!! Pirates of the Caribbean and Thunder Mountain Railroad are must rides!!! Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain are also awesome rides!!The electrical parade at night is awesome!!! Hall of Presidents is not much fun! Take your time and have fun!!!!

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  12. moosehog83 says:

    Go immediately and get in line and get a fast pass for animal kingdoms safari. It goes quick and is so great you can do it twice that way Be there when gates open.


  13. Janie Evans says:

    Hello. Make sure you do as many of the ‘fast pass’ as you can. Lines can be outrageously long, and even fast pass can be slow but it will be faster. Also, look into doing meal services for breakfast, and dinner. Lunch you can catch in the park. It will give you and your family the opportunity to sit down together, and dinner the opportunity to leave the park briefly. Staying onsite is a must. There are many places to stay, and it’s good to break up the day since there is so much to see. Have fun.

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