Stay Alive is #2 on Jack’s Christmas List

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600x900christmasincancunIn case you haven’t met my hero from Christmas in Cancun, let me introduce you to Jack Girard, former SEAL and owner of Bad Ass Catamarans in Cancun.

Getting laid is usually at the top of a SEAL’s Christmas List—with perhaps some variations on that theme—but Jack can have that wish come true most anytime. Beautiful, nearly-naked women prance around his boats in barely-there bikinis every day and are willing to meet him at his cousin’s Mayan Nites Club later and give him anything he wants all night long in their condo or hotel room.

At Christmas, Jack is all about family as his mother, older brother, sister with her two young boys annually descend on his home in Cancun. But this year, the reality of their youngest brother’s murder hits the whole family hard when Jimmy’s wife and daughter arrive.

The SEALs tested every part of Jack from his muscles to his fortitude to his brain. Every part except his heart. His sister-in-law, Jillian and baby Addison push his resistance to the limit in Christmas in Cancun.

Murder. A modern day treasure hunt. Danger. Betrayal. Hot nights in the tropics. And all before Christmas.

Jack’s Christmas List:

  1. Find the golden statues of the Mayan Goddesses
  2. Stay alive
  3. Don’t fall for Jillian
  4. Finish the quest my brother, grandfather and I started decades ago
  5. Don’t fall in love with Jillian
  6. Get Jillian into my bed


“Jack, it’s nice to finally meet you. Ji…Jimmy spoke of you often.” Jillian hated when she stuttered over his name, but she’d said it so seldom in the past two years. The initial pain she’d felt every day, the loneliness every night, had quickly been replaced with exhaustion and work. Now and again, it would catch her off guard. Like now.

Her free hand extended, Jack took his time before slipping his hand into hers for the brief introductory shake. His fingers were warm as they glided into hers, but when his palm flattened against hers, she felt the contact all the way to her toes. Her gaze flew to his, and she watched the spark brighten his eyes.

Oh, dang. He felt it too.

She quickly pulled her hand free, but the brush of his fingertips across her palm curled her toes in the low-heeled sandals.

She brushed it off.

Her nerves were ragged, and her guard was down because she was over tired. After spending most of the night packing and cleaning her apartment, she’d gotten up early and taught her last class of the semester. It had been more difficult than she’d ever expected to say goodbye to the twenty-two gifted students who challenged her constantly in her Anthropology 4810 class. The dean still hadn’t had time to discuss her lack of a contract for spring, which had her extremely worried. The taxi had been late picking them up for the airport, and then their connecting flight had been delayed. It had been one very stressful day. Now she was forced to face Jimmy’s family, people she’d met for the first time at his funeral.

Nerves. That’s all it was.

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2015-02-01 13.39.35

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