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Kristi Rose Purse Contents – A Real Stunner!

It’s Friday so that means it’s Purse Dump Day. I’d like you to meet my author friend Kristi Rose who has some “stunning” items in her purse. Hey y’all. It’s my turn to share what I lug around in my … Continue reading

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Getting Purse-onal with Katherine McIntyre

Every Friday I introduce another of my author friends through the contents of their purse. This week, please welcome¬†Katherine McIntyre.¬† When offered the chance to get purse-onal, I jumped on it. (Grin and bear it, I love my puns!) I … Continue reading

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Fun Facts About KaLyn Cooper

My fellow Love, Lust and Laptops blogger Jianne Carlo recently interviewed the newbie bloggers, so I decided to interview myself using her questions so everyone can get to know me better. Interview with KaLyn Cooper: If you had to be … Continue reading

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Guess what Tara Quan’s cat discovered in her purse last Friday!

Every Friday is Purse Dump with another great friend and author. Today I welcome Tara Quan as she rants about her cat and the contents of her purse. Since my kitty decided to photo bomb my Purse Dump picture, I … Continue reading

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Why Does Rosanna Leo Carries 5 Lipsticks – Project Purse Dump

When I heard about #ProjectPurseDump, a part of me rejoiced and laughed out loud. After all, what an original idea for a blog hop! The other part of me shivered in horror. After all, this means I’m offering viewers a … Continue reading

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