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I have a “hot” new book out, just in time for the Holidays. I wrote Christmas in Cancun after spending Christmas on the Mayan Riviera.

For many years, Macho Marine and I have spent the Christmas holidays with his family. We usually spend Thanksgiving with my huge family in Upstate NY, but I think that has as much to do with deer hunting with my Alpha brothers as it does with smoked, deep-fried and baked turkeys. This is our tradition, though.

For the past several years, his family has made it a destination celebration. Cancun, Mexico. Let me tell you, Hot for the Holidays takes on a whole new meaning. More than once we’ve left Tennessee bundled in winter jackets only to shed them for warm Caribbean breezes and turquoises waters.

I need you to understand that vacationing with Macho Marine doesn’t include lazy days of sitting around a pool, or on the beach, soaking up sunshine. The man can’t sit still. Which is fine with me and my sensitive alabaster skin that burns in a heartbeat.

Underwater Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is under about 5 feet of water near the North end of the Island of Women

So we go play tourist. Sometimes our grown children and granddoll will go with us. We’ve seen most of the Mayan ruins, snorkeled the reefs, gone deep sea fishing, swam in cenotes, and visited Xcaret and Xel-Ha parks. From these experiences, I drew the basis for Christmas in Cancun.

We have a few other Holiday traditions. Macho Marine and I were married 36 years ago this week, and we were given an annual collectible Christmas ornament as a wedding gift. We still buy one of those every year. When each child was born, we started their collection as well. Favorite daughter now has 30 wind-up music bells and favorite son has 26 unique bells. Granddoll has 5 of her own bells with music boxes inside.

I prefer to open gifts Christmas morning, large coffee mug in hand. I love to watch granddoll rip into presents, eyes wide and excited. Macho Marine usually cooks the turkey or ham, sometimes both, and I make the side dishes. Favorite daughter started helping after college, but favorite son knows enough to stay out of the kitchen.

It’s supposedly a German thing, but we always have pork on New Years Day, MM cooking again. We have added the Southern tradition of black-eyes peas to the mix. I prefer the tree to come down that day. We have collected ornaments from everywhere we lived and visited so we talk about those trips and homes as we pack up Christmas. Mind you, this is our 19th home, and we’ve traveled all across the USA and been to several other countries, so we have lot of memories on that tree.

I want to hear about your Holiday traditions. Do you and your BFFs do the Black Friday shopping thing? Are you one of those who has all the gifts purchased and wrapped before Thanksgiving? Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve, or is it the morning mad dash? Do you go to someone else’s house for a big meal or stay home and cook? Does your family exchange names so you’re not buying dozens of gifts, just one big one? I’d like to hear about your traditions


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I’m looking forward to your comments on your family Holiday traditions. 🙂



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21 Responses to Hot for the Holidays – Traditions

  1. KaLynCooper says:

    I am often surprised at how this past year it was not that crowded at all locally. Course, I didn’t attempt to hit the mall at all. Black Friday has basically been thrown into Thanksgiving evening. The sales this year have been better than the ones on black friday. I just wasn’t impressed.


  2. Hi! I dont do black friday. Way to many people. It freaks me out. I dont do presents either. My family stopped a long time ago. Instead, we started doing things differently. We cook a big dinner together, sing christmas songs, they we pick a movie theme, watch movies all day, play board games and pig out on snacks. Its a blast! Thank you! Happy holidays!

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  3. Savannah Miller says:

    I black Friday shop with my brother and sister, but it is normally just for household stuff! I am one of those people that have most (Sometimes all) shopping done by Thanksgiving 🙂
    For dinner I go to my nannies on Christmas Eve. My parents and In-Laws on Christmas day

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  4. angieia says:

    I enjoy making cookies and candy for family and friends. It is fun to sit and watch It’s A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve.

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  6. bn100 says:

    decorate the tree together

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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  7. I completely hate shopping. There’s nothing I hate more than shopping. But the tradition I’m trying to get my family into is doing donations for the adults rather than presents. I’ve asked everyone this year to consider donating blood or donating to charity instead of giving presents. Not really a tradition…. Yet!

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  8. The winner has been chosen from the contest. Krystle. Congrats & I have sent her a reply. KaLyn appreciates all your comments & support. Hope you will pick up a copy of Christmas in Cancun & hope to see you all again w/her next giveaway. Whenever that will be 🙂

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  9. Donna says:

    My comment vanished so here I go again – we go to midnight mass and then open one present before going to sleep – but only a small one! Merry Christmas!

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  10. Donna says:

    We go to midnight mass and then open one present before bed – it started when I was little and has just carried on so everyone does it.
    I’m in the UK not USA, so I think I might be out of the earrings entry!

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  11. KaLynCooper says:

    Reblogged this on Love, Lust, and Laptops and commented:
    Don’t forget to check out the giveaway that ends tomorrow for hot for the holidays. Also, don’t forget to join the Facebook event as well.


  12. What awesome traditions you guys participate in. (PA for KaLyn)~Maranda

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  13. Krystle says:

    Black Friday shopping —-YES. My sister and I are Black Friday Warriors, hahaha. Although, we enjoyed it a lot more when it was actually on FRIDAY. This whole Thanksgiving day shopping thing is pretty ridiculous, wish it’d stop.
    I always bake TONS of cookies and pass them out to friends, family, etc. I think my total this year was 183 decorated sugar cookies and 226 Cranberry-Pecan pinwheels. Love it!
    We’ve always had small family get togethers at my parents house for Xmas eve, and we do open up some small presents, eat some appetizers, and the past few years my father has transformed the basement into nostalgiaville with all of the old classic video games. There’s something like 8 TV’s and the original Atari, Sega master system, sega genesis, Nintendo, etc. You name it, it’s there. It’s pretty fun watching my nieces play the games that we all grew up playing.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family, and thanks for this amazing blog hop!!!



    • Hello Krystle,
      I am KaLyn Cooper’s assistant Maranda. I wanted to congratulate you on winning the ring & ebook from the contest. picked you. I need you to email me your snail mail & email addy to ~Maranda


      • Krystle says:

        This is awesome!!!!!!! Thank you all so much! I will get that info to you right away 🙂

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        • KaLynCooper says:

          I’m back and would like to congratulate you!! Please give me a day to adjust to my normal timezone and clear my inbox so I can mail everything at the same time. 🙂 I had several contests going at the same time. My wonderful assistant Maranda has been helping me while I was away from the Internet. I LOVE your post. Sounds like great plans. I’d probably feel at home in your Dad’s basement but my kids would go into culture shock! LOL. Please give me a day to catch up and I’ll get everything to you ASAP. Thanks again for posting!


        • KaLynCooper says:

          Krystal – can you please email me at so I can get your snail mail address OR Friend me on my FB page then PM me with the info? Thanks!! I’d like to get that diamond and eBook to you right away. 🙂


  14. Christine Maria Rose says:

    Great givewaway! My children and I will make sugar cookies together, and of course getting together with family and friends is the best part of the holidays for me (as well all get along well!)

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  15. Btissame says:

    No plans for me this year , just staying home with my family and my friends , happy holiday for you ^_^

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  16. Btissame says:

    Awesome giveaway as usual , thank you for the chance^_^

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